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The University of Southern California – led by its traditional strength in swimming (10 medals) and track-and-field (6) – finished atop CollegeSports360's exclusive "college medal board" for the 2012 Olympics with 24 total medals (12 gold, 9 silver & 3 bronze). USC's other medals included four in women's water polo, three women's volleyball (two of those on the beach) and a women's soccer medal. The University of Florida (21; 9G-6S-6B) finished second on this medal board (11-swim, 6-T&F, 3-wsoc, 1-w. tennis) while the University of California (17; 11G-1S-5B) narrowly edged bay-area rival  Stanford (16; 12G-2S-2B) for third. USC and Stanford ended up even for the most golds (12), followed by Cal's 11 and Florida's 9.  text continued below photo

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The United States 2012 gold-medal-winning women's rowing eight boat included products from eight different U.S. college rowing programs (from left): Erin Cafaro (California), Susan Francis (Penn), Esther Lofgren (Harvard), Taylor Ritzel (Yale), Meghan Musnicki (Ithaca), Eleanor Logan (Stanford), Caroline Lind (Princeton), Caryn Davies (Harvard) and coxswain Mary Whipple (Washington)


Stanford won medals in seven distinctly different sports – diving, soccer, rowing, tennis, water polo & both volleyball venues (indoor and beach), the most 2012 "medal diversity" from any U.S. college. USC had medals in six sports (see above) while Cal had four (women's soccer, men's/women's swimming, men's water polo . The University of Texas (13; 6G-5S-2B) – which finished fifth in the overall medal count – "claimed" medals in five sports (men's basketball, men's diving, men's swimming, men's/women's track & field, and women's indoor volleyball).

The University of  Washington (11; 2G-6S-3B), buoyed by the success of its rowing alums, ended up sixth in the college medal count. With four medals on the final Saturday (Aug. 11), Tennessee (10; 5G-1S-4B) surged to seventh while UCLA also had a late push and ended eighth (8; 6G-1S-1B). Georgia (7; 3G-1S-3B) and Princeton were next (7; 1G-2S-4B), tied for ninth, and three schools had six medals – Connecticut (all gold), Michigan (4G-1S-1B) and Auburn (2G-1S-3B) – followed by ArizonaNotre Dame and Penn State (5 each), plus five schools with four Olympic medals (Harvard, LSU, MinnesotaNebraska and Texas A&M).

(As a reminder, some parameters had to be used for the various CollegeSports360 lists, the two databases and this medal count. For consistency, we did not include incoming grad students, volunteer assistant coaches, or former assistant coaches. Incoming freshmen, as formal recruits/signees, are included. In the rare instances when athletes turned professional before competing for a college program, they still are included on this list if they were enrolled as a full-time student, pursued a formal degree program, graduated, etc.).

This chart will be updated, if needed, for any final additions/corrections … 

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OLYMPICS CENTRAL (CollegeSports360)

U.S. Colleges 2012 Olympic Medal Count (FINAL, as of Sept. 5)
(research provided courtesy of CollegeSports360.com please link & credit accordingly)
Team USA, unless otherwise noted … 4-year colleges (most DI) … 78 schools w/ medal "claims"

Most Gold Medals (136): 12-USC & Stanford ... 11-Cal … 9-Florida … 6-UCLA, UConn & Texas
… 5-Tennessee … 4-Michigan … 3-Arizona, Georgia, Texas A&M and Virginia
… 2-Auburn, Harvard, LSU, Minnesota, North Carolina, Northwestern, Oregon & Washington
… 1 (34)-Alabama, Alaska Fairbanks, Arizona State, Cal Poly Pomona, CS Dominguez Hills, Columbia, Dickinson State, Drexel, Hampton, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa State, Ithaca, Kansas, Kentucky,
Long Beach State, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi, Nebraska, Norfolk State, NC State, Notre Dame, Pennsylvania, Portland, Princeton, Purdue, Roberts Wesleyan, Rutgers, Syracuse, TCU, Texas Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Western Kentucky & Yale  (48% of the 283 U.S. college medals were gold)

(1) 24 total medals – USC  (12 GOLD … 9 silver … 3 bronze)
Gold – Rebecca Soni (women's swimming 200-meter breaststroke & 4x100m medley relay)
… Clement 
Lefert/France (men's swimming 4x100-meter freestyle relay)
… Allyson 
Felix (women's 200-meter run, 4x100m relay & 4x400m relay)
… Felix 
Sanchez (men's 400m hurdles )… Oussama Melloouli/Tunisia (m-swim 10K marathon)  
… Tumua 
Anae, Kami Craig & Lauren Wenger (women's water polo) … Amy Rodriguez (w-soccer)
Silver – Rebecca Soni (women's swimming 100-meter breaststroke)
… Clement 
Lefert/France (men's swimming 4x200-meter relay) … Haley Anderson (w-swim 10K)
… April 
Ross and Jen Kessy (women's beach volleyball) …  Anni Espar/Spain (women's water polo)
… Bryshon
Nellum & Josh Mance (men's track 4x400m relay) … Nicole Davis (women's volleyball)
Bronze – Amanda Weir (tr. from UGa; 4x100 free relay)…Vladimir Morozov (Russia 4x100 free relay)
… Oussama 
Melloouli/Tunisia (men's swimming 1,500-meter freestyle)

(2) 21 total medals – FLORIDA  (9 GOLD … 6 silver … 6 bronze)
• Gold – Ryan Lochte (m-swim 400m indiv. medley & 4x200m free relay) … Conor Dwyer (4x200)
… Dana
 Vollmer (transferred to Cal; w-swim 100m butterfly, 4x200m free relay & 4x100 medley relay)… Christian Taylor (triple jump) … Heather Mitts & Abby Wambach (women's soccer)
• Silver – Ryan Lochte (m-swim 200m IM & 4x100m free relay) … Elizabeth Beisel (w-swim 400m IM)
Claye (triple jump)…Tony McQuay (m-track 4x400m relay)…Jeff Demps (m-track 4x100m relay)   
Bronze  Ryan Lochte (m-swim 200m backstroke)… Elizabeth Beisel (w-swim 200m backstroke)
… Will 
Claye (long jump) … Lisa Raymond (tennis mixed doubles)
… Mel 
Booth/Canada (women's soccer) … Novlene Williams-Mills/Jamaica (w-track 4x400m relay)

(3) 17 total medals – CALIFORNIA  (11 GOLD … 1 silver … 5 bronze)
• Gold – Nathan Adrian (m-swim 100m free & 4x100 medley relay) … Erin Cafaro (w-rowing eight)  
… Dana Vollmer (transferred from FL; w-swim 100m fly, 4x200m free relay & 4x100 medley relay)
… Rachel Bootsma & Jessica Hardy (women's swimming 4x100-meter relay)
… Heather 
Petri & Elise Windes (women's water polo) … Alex Morgan (women's soccer) 
• Silver – Nathan Adrian (men's swimming 4x100-meter freestyle relay)
• Bronze – Caitlin Leverenz (w-swim 200m indiv. medley) … Kara Kohler (w-rowing quadruple sculls)… Jessica Hardy & Natalie Couglin (both women's swimming 4x100m freestyle relay)
… Gojko Pijetlovic/Serbia (men's water polo)  

(4) 16 total medals – STANFORD  (12 GOLD … 2 silver … 2 bronze)
• Gold – Eleanor
 Logan (women's rowing eight) … Mike Bryan & Bob Bryan (men's tennis doubles)
… Kerry 
Walsh Jennings (women's beach volleyball)
… Nicole Barnhart, Kelley O'Hara & Rachel Buehler (women's soccer)
… Annika 
Dries, Melissa Seidemann, Jessica & Maggie Steffens & Brenda Villa (women's water polo)
Silver – Logan Tom & Foluke Akinradewo (women's volleyball)
Bronze – Kristian Ipsen (men's 3m synchronized diving) … Mike Bryan (tennis mixed doubles) 

(5) 13 total medals – TEXAS  (6 gold … 5 silver … 2 bronze)
• Gold – Rickey Berens (m-swim 4x200m freestyle relay) … Brendan Hansen (4x100 medley relay)
Richards-Ross (women's 400m run & 4x400 relay) … Bianca Knight (w-track 4x100m relay)… Kevin Durant (men's basketball)  
• Silver – James Feigen & Rickey Berens (both men's swimming 4x100-meter freestyle relay)
… Leonel
Manzano (men's 1,500m run) … Trey Hardee (decathlon) … Desiree Hooker (w-volleyball)
• Bronze – Brendan Hanson (100m breaststroke) … Troy Dumais (men's 3m synchronized diving)

(6) 11 total medals – WASHINGTON  (2 gold … 6 silver … 3 bronze)
Gold – Mary Whipple (women's rowing eight) … Hope Solo (women's soccer)
Silver – Rob Gibson, Conlin McCabe & Will Crothers (all Canada, men's rowing eight)
… Jennie 
Reed (w-cycling team pursuit) … Tamari Miyashiro & Courtney Thompson (w-volleyball) 
Bronze – Megan Kalmoe & Adrienne Martelli (both women's rowing quadruple sculls)
… Scott Gault (men's rowing four)

(7) 10 total medals – TENNESSEE (5 gold … 1 silver … 4 bronze)
• Gold – Aries Merritt (men's 110-meter hurdles) … Tiana Madison (women's track 4x100m relay)
… DeeDee 
Trotter (w-track 4x400-meter relay) … Tamika Catchings & Candace Parker (w-basketball) 
Silver – Justin Gatlin (men's 4x100-meter relay)
Bronze – DeeDee Trotter (women's 400-meter run) … Justin Gatlin (men's 100m run)
… Rhian 
Wilkinson & Marie-Eve Nault/Canada (w-soccer)

(8) 8 total medals – UCLA  (6 gold … 1 silver … 1 bronze)
• Gold – Lauren Cheney & Sydney Leroux (w-soc) … Courtney Mathewson & Kelly Rulon (w. w-polo)… Kevin Love & Russell Westbrook (men's basketball)
Silver – Dawn Harper (women's 110m hurdles) 
Bronze – Chelsea Stewart/Canada (women's soccer)

(9) 7 total medals – GEORGIA  (3 gold … 1 silver … 3 bronze)
• Gold – Allison Schmitt (200m free & 4x100 medley relay)  … Shannon Vreeland (4x200 free relay) • Silver – Allison Schmitt (women's swimming 400-meter freestyle) • Bronze – Allison Schmitt (w-swim 4x100m freestyle relay) … Amanda Weir (transfer to UGa; w-swim 4x100 freestyle relay) … Reese Hoffa (men's shot put)

(9) 7 total medals – PRINCETON  (1 gold … 2 silver … 4 bronze)
Gold – Caroline Lind (women's rowing eight)  
Silver –  Lauren Wilkinson & Andreanne Morin (both Canada women's rowing eight)
Bronze – Glenn Ochal (men's rowing four) … Diane Matheson/Canada (women's soccer bronze)
… Maya 
Lawrence & Susie Scanlan (women's fencing epee team)

(11) 6 total medals – CONNECTICUT  (6 gold … 0 silver … 0 bronze)
Gold – Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Tina Charles, Ashja Jones, Maya Moore & Diana Taurasi (w-hoops)

(11) 6 total medals – MICHIGAN  (4 gold … 1 silver … 1 bronze)
Gold – Tyler Clary (m-swimming 200m backstroke) … Davis Tarwater (4x200m freestyle relay)
… Charlie 
Houchin (men's swimming 4x200-meter freestyle relay)
… Betsey Armstrong (women's water polo)
Silver – Janie Hanson/Canada (women's rowing eight)
Bronze – Peter Vanderkaay (men's swimming 400-meter freestyle)

(11) 6 total medals – AUBURN  (2 gold … 1 silver … 3 bronze)
• Gold – Eric Shantau & Tyler McGill (both men's swimming 4x100 medley relay)
• Silver – Kerron Stewart/Jamaica (women's track 4x100-meter relay)
• Bronze – Cesar Cielo/Brazil (m-swimming 50m free) … Matt Targett/Australia (4x100 medley relay)
… Marc Burns/Trinidad & Tobago (men's track 4x100-meter relay)

(14) 5 total medals – ARIZONA  (3 gold … 2 silver … 0 bronze)
• Gold – Alyssa 
Anderson (w-swim 4x200m relay) & Nick Thoman (m-swim 4x100 medley relay)
… Andre Iguodala (men's basketball)
Silver – Nick Thoman (m-swimming 200m backstroke) … Brigetta Barrett (women's high jump)

(14) 5 total medals – NOTRE DAME (1 gold … 0 silver … 4 bronze)
• Gold – Shannon Boxx (women's soccer)
• Bronze Courtney & Kelly Hurley (women's fencing epee team)
… Candace Chapman & Melissa Tancredi/Canada (women's soccer)

(14) 5 total medals – PENN STATE (0 gold … 4 silver … 1 bronze)
• Silver – Erin McLeod & Carmelina Moscato/Canada (women's soccer bronze)
… Christa Harmotta & Megan Hodge (women's volleyball)
• Bronze Shana Cox/Great Britain (women's track 4x400-meter relay)

(17) 4 total medals – TEXAS A&M  (3 gold … 0 silver … 1 bronze)
Gold – Breeja Larson (w-swm 4x100 medley relay)… Jeneba Tarmoh (w-track 4x100m relay) 
… Demetrius Pinder/Bahamas (men's track 4x400-meter relay) 
Bronze – Deon Lendore/Trinidad & Tobago (men's track 4x400-meter relay)

(17) 4 total medals – MINNESOTA  (2 gold … 2 silver … 0 bronze)
Gold – Lindsay Whalen (women's basketball) & Barbora Spotakova/Czech Rep. (women's javelin)
Silver – Kelci Bryant (women's synchro. diving 3m springboard) & Lindsey Berg (w-volleyball)

(17) 4 total medals – HARVARD  (2 gold … 1 silver … 1 bronze)
• Gold – Esther Lofgren & Caryn Davies (women's rowing eight) 
• Silver – Malcolm Howard (Canada men's rowing eight)
Bronze – Henrik Rummel (men's rowing four)

(17) 4 total medals – LSU  (2 gold … 0 silver … 2 bronze)
• Gold – Seimone Augustus & Sylvia Fowles (women's basketball)
Bronze – Ade Alleyne-Forte/Trinidad & Tobago (men's track 4x400-meter relay) 
… Richard Thompson (men's track 4x100-mter relay)

(17) 4 total medals – NEBRASKA  (1 gold … 1 silver … 2 bronze)
• Gold – Jordan 
Burroughs (men's freestyle wrestling 74kg)
• Silver – Jordan Larson (women's volleyball)
Bronze – Karina Leblanc & Brittany Timko/Canada (women's soccer)

3 Medals Each  (tied for 22nd)
– Rowie Webster (w-water polo bronze) … Amy Le Peilbet (w-soccer gold)
… James Harden (men's basketball)

ARKANSAS  Veronica Campbell-Brown/Jamaica (women's 100m run bronze & 4x100m relay silver)
… Tyson Gay (men's track 4x100-meter relay silver)

CS DOMINGUEZ HILLS  Carmelita Jeter w-track 100m run silver, 200m bronze & 4x100m relay gold
– Missy May Treanor (women's beach volleyball gold)
… Danielle Scott-Arruda & Tayyiba Haneff-Park (women's volleyball silver)

– Tobin Heath & Heather O'Reilly (w-soccer G) … Robin Gayle/Canada (w-soc B)
NC STATE – Cullen Jones (m-swim 4x100 medley relay gold, 4x100 free relay silver, 50m free silver)
– Matt Grevers (100 back gold, 4x100 medley relay gold & 4x100m free relay silver)
OREGON  Galen Rupp (men's 10K run silver) … Ashton Eaton (decathlon gold)
… Keshia Brown (women's track 4x400-meter gold)

PORTLAND – Megan Rapinoe (w-soccer G) … Christine Sinclair & Sophie Schmidt/Canada (w-soc B)
PURDUE  David Boudia (men's synchronized diving 10m platform bronze & 10m platform indiv. gold) … Lauren Sesselmann/Canada (women's soccer bronze)
TEXAS TECH – Sally Jepkosgei 
Kipyego/Kenya (women's track 10K run silver)
… Michael Mathieu/Bahamas (m-track 4x400 relay G & Shereefa Lloyd/JAM (w-track 4x400 relay B)

VIRGINIA – Matthew McLean (m-swim 4x200m relay gold) ... Lauren Perdue (w-swim 4x200 gold) 
… Becky Sauerbrunn (women's soccer gold)

YALE – Taylor Ritzel (women's rowing eight gold) ... Ashley Brzozowic/Canada (w-row eight silver)
… Charles
Cole (men's rowing four bronze)

2 Medals Each  (tied for 35th)
(50m rifle/3-pos.) – Jamie Lynn Gray (women/gold) & Matt Emmons (men/bronze)
U. – Natalie Dell (w-row quadscull br.) & Kamal Bahamdan/Saudi Arabia (eques./tm jump br.)
– Abigail Johnston (3m synchro diving silver) & Nicholas McCrory (10m synchro diving bronze)
HAMPTON Kellie Wells (women's 110m hurdles B) & Francera McCrory (w-track 4x400m relay G)
– Emily Zurrer (women's soccer bronze) & Deron Williams (men's basketball gold)
 Margaux Farrell/France (w-swimming 4x200m silver) & Derek Drouin (high jump bronze)
– Diamond Dixon (w-track 4x400m relay gold) & Sasha Kaun/Russia (m-basketball bronze)
– Carli Lloyd (women's soccer gold) & Jonelle Filigno/Canada (women's soccer bronze)
S. CAROLINA (both silver)
 Lashinda Demus (w. 400m hurdles) & Jason Richardson (m. 110m hur.)
SYRACUSE – Natalie Mastracci/Canada (w-row eight silver) & Carmelo Anthony (m-basketball gold)
TCU – Michael Frater/Jamaica (m-track 4x100 relay gold) & Doc Patton (m-track 4x100 relay silver)
WEST VIRGINIA – Nic Campriani/Italy (men's 10m air rifle silver & 50m rifle/3 positions gold) 

1 Medal Each (33)  (tied for 47th) 
(Kirani James/Grenada men's 400-meter run … gold)
Bates  (Andrew Byrne/Canada men's rowing eight … silver) 
Cal Poly Pomona  (Kim Rhode women's skeet shooting … gold)
Colorado State  (Janay Deloach women's long jump … bronze)
Columbia  (Caryn Davies women's rowing eight; law student … gold)
Dickinson State  (Ramon Miller/Bahamas men's track 4x400-meter relay … gold) 
Drexel  (Erin Cafaro women's rowing eight; grad. student … gold) 
Georgia Tech  (Angelo Taylor men's track 4x400-meter relay … silver)
Idaho  (Kristin Armstrong women's road cycling time trial ... gold)
Iowa State  (Jacob Varner men's freestyle wrestling 96kg … gold)
Ithaca  (Meghan Musnicki women's rowing eight … gold)
Jackson State  (Michael Tinsley men's 400-meter hurdles … silver)
James Madison  (Jacob Wukie men's team archery … silver)
Kansas State  (Erik Kynard men's high jump … silver)
Kentucky  (Anthony Davis men's basketball … gold)
(Angel McCoughtry women's basketball … gold)
Miami  (Lauren Williams women's track 4x100-meter relay … gold)
Mississippi  (Brittney Reese women's long jump … gold)
Montana  (Georgia Gould women's mountain bike cross country … bronze)

New Mexico  (Jarrin Solomon/Trinidad & Tobago men's track 4x400m relay ... bronze)
Norfolk State  (Chris Brown/Bahamas men's track 4x400-meter relay … gold)
Oklahoma State  (Coleman Scott men's freestyle wrestling 60kg … bronze)  
Oregon State  (Rich Fellers equestrian team jumping … silver)
Pennsylvania  (Susan Francia women's rowing eight … gold)
Roberts Wesleyan  (Jennifer Stuczynski Suhn women's pole vault … gold)
San Diego  (Ramzy Al Duhami/Saudi Arabia equestrian team jumping … bronze)
San Jose State  (Marti Malloy women's judo 126 lbs … bronze)    
UC Santa Barbara
 (Jason Lezak men's swimming 4x100m freestyle relay … silver)
UTEP  (Kelly Parker/Canada women's soccer … bronze)
Villanova  (Dotsie Bausch women's cycling team pursuit … silver)
Wake Forest  (Chris Paul men's basketball … gold)
Western Carolina  (Manteo Mitchell men's track 4x400-meter relay … silver)
Western Kentucky  (Claire Donahue … women's swimming 4x100m medley relay … gold)

(research provided courtesy of CollegeSports360.com … please credit & link accordingly)